Message from the President

As-salāmu ʿalaykum

The Scout Association of Maldives is embarking on a journey to take the Maldivian Scout Movement to a whole new level of progress and achievement. The young population of Maldives is yearning for a platform where they can showcase their talents abilities and Scout Movement is designed to do just that.

Through this website, the Scout Association of Maldives aims to come closer to the Scouting community to ensure that, Scouts across Maldives can grab all opportunities available for them. In these changing times, the role Scouting plays in a society is directly proportional to the level of relevance we display through our programs and activities. Scouting in Maldives has a golden past of building responsible global citizens in line with Islam and Proper Maldivian identity and as we are set for a whole new term of progress it is my sincere hope that all adult members will face this term with a invigorated spirit to ensure our Scouts come out, ready to do their part, to try and leave this world a little better than we found it.

I urge all Scout Leaders to continue this journey with us and to make sure that you have touched and changed the young for better, so that we can be proud of our past and envision a brighter future. May the wind always be on our back and May Allah bless us with courage and wisdom to do achieve our goals.

Hussain Mohamed Haneef