National Scout Council

The National Scout Council is responsible for the enforcement of the decisions by the National Scout Assembly, offer practical guidance in the planning and organizing of the affairs of the Association, oversee the Scout activities, and undertake all legal responsibilities to function this Association in accordance with the laws and regulations of the Maldives.

National Scout Council is made up of the following members.

  1. Hussain Mohamed Haneef – President
  2. Ismail Rifau – Vice President
  3. Mohamed Khalid – Chief Commissioner
  4. Abdulla Waheed – National Treasurer
  5. Ahmed Nasheed – Council Member
  6. Aishath Ahlam – Council Member
  7. Aminath Thahmeena – Council Member
  8. Hussain Jawad – Council Member
  9. Ismail Ali – Council Member
  10. Ahmed Ali Maniku – Permanent Member
  11. Mohamed Arshad – Chairperson of the Scout Youth Council / Ex Officio Member

Scout Executive Committee

An Executive Committee formed by and accountable to the Scout Council must exist, in order to organize and carry out the activities of the Association as envisioned by the Association, to enforce the matters decided upon by the Council and to carry forward the works required to advance and develop scout activities in a sustainable manner. This provision further prescribed the formation of this Committee and its works.

The Executive Committee is made up of the Chief Commissioner, National Treasurer, Vice Chairperson of the Youth Council and the posts of National Commissioners passed by the Scout Council upon a proposal by the Chief Commissioner. The posts of the National Commissioners must at least consist of the following:

  1. Deputy Chief Commissioner
  2. International Commissioner
  3. National Commissioner for Youth Programme
  4. National Commissioner for Adult Support
  5. National Commissioner for Public Relations